Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Up and Down

So work is going...eccentric. After weeks of quiet we get some new reps interested in us (waiting on one to call back now) and a few online orders. Nothing crazy and it won't pay the bills, but it's something and it motivates me.

On the other end of the spectrum a rep calls me yesterday about a wholesale order (we LOVE those) and I find out all the info he needs and things look smooth. But when I call to tell him we can ship on schedule, he tells me the lady placing the order is having a change of heart. She's apparently a new age hippie type and she's doing some peace rally thing in a couple weeks, which is fine with me. So the rep shows her our shirt that says, "Fighting for Peace is like Screwing for Virginity." I like that shirt. It's not the most original saying I admit, but it works.

So what's her problem with it? The word screwing. She thinks it's too harsh for a conservative town like the one she lives in. She'd prefer if it says "making love" or "having sex" which makes no sense to me. If you make love for virginity, then it's kind of what the ideal is. Anyway...that bummed me out.

What I'd like is if anyone bothers reading this, check out http://www.blueshiftapparel.com/ and if you like something, order it. Everything has been slashed to $10 so you can't complain about the price. And these are high quality screen printed shirts too, not heat transfers that wash off the first time it goes through a cycle.

More later.

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