Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Economic Answer?

My math isn't exactly amazing, but with words like trillion being tossed around, I figure there has to be a better way to get things back on track. But how?

Doing some simple multiplication, I came up with something. A bit wild, but it could work. Instead of 600 billion for bailouts of companies just to save a few thousand jobs, you use that same amount and offer the first 6 million people over the age of 55 (or 60, or whatever, just pick a number) that want it a chance to get $100,000 tax free. All they have to do is retire permanently. That's it.

Now is $100k enough to entice everyone? No. But it is enough to get some guys who are a few years from retirement to go ahead and take the plunge, especially if it's tax-free. And when you have 6 million jobs free up practically overnight? You take the guy who was a little lower on the ladder and bump him up, and so on and so forth until you free up somewhere in the range of 6 million jobs.

Sounds too simple to work right? Then for once let's try the simple thing and see what happens. I mean the debt can't get much worse, the economy can't fall much farther, and people can't just keep going without jobs. Something has to change.

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  1. O_O;
    You're pretty smart.

    I dropped maths in year... 10, that's how bad I am! Dx Not simple, but read it all! Interesting I guess! Good luck!