Wednesday, August 25, 2010

First blog ever

So I've never once blogged. Or maybe I did, but didn't know what it was so I don't count it. Either way, here's what I consider my first posting. I was inspired while poking around the internet looking up shops to sell to in L.A. Maybe I should explain...

I run a t-shirt business (shameless plug: which specializes in funny shirts. We've had erratic success, nailing one sale that supported us completely for 3 months and having weeks on end where I can't get anyone to pick up the phone.

So anyway one of my specialities here is selling. I go to stores, show the product, try to get some sales. I'm pretty decent at it in person, not so much on the phone (but then, nobody is as far as I can tell). I've had some good luck on Hollywood Blvd, along Venice Beach, etc. I'm also unfortunately tapped out as far as locations. Most things in L.A. are upscale snobby fashion-centric shops. Our shirts are more for blue collar workers, and I like it that way. "But why don't you just sell shirts to big retailers or in Florida, etc where the blue collar types go?" Because getting in touch with buyers at big retailers requires connections I don't currently have or sales reps that I DO currently have but don't do any work as far as I can tell. And I'm in California, I can't just hop a flight to wherever to grab a few sales...maybe.

I digress. I was looking for shops, got the idea for a blog finally and here I am. I figured as I was setting this up that I'd throw in my other passion/hobby/hopefully future career of acting. I think that's wise since I'm just getting going with that. I moved from the south east to Cali about 4 years ago to pursue acting but it kind of fell to the side as the economy went to pot and I needed rent money every month. Now that I've gotten my groove back, I'm diving head first. More on the acting thing later though, because I just decided I'll blog separately about each business as it goes.

Seriously though, visit and look around. Even if it's not for you, recommend it to some friends. I'm a good guy, I promise, and I'll do my best to keep you entertained as I find my voice on here. At worst you spend a few minutes looking at yet another website. Thanks.


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  1. I'm doing a project, but how much does it cost to make those t-shirts? Or are you not the supplier, do you have a retailer - or whatever you name it? Thanks!