Tuesday, August 31, 2010

This is probably old as heck

I'm never on top of popular things, mostly because I have to work my butt off ALL the time, but here's a video that tickled me.


Up and Down

So work is going...eccentric. After weeks of quiet we get some new reps interested in us (waiting on one to call back now) and a few online orders. Nothing crazy and it won't pay the bills, but it's something and it motivates me.

On the other end of the spectrum a rep calls me yesterday about a wholesale order (we LOVE those) and I find out all the info he needs and things look smooth. But when I call to tell him we can ship on schedule, he tells me the lady placing the order is having a change of heart. She's apparently a new age hippie type and she's doing some peace rally thing in a couple weeks, which is fine with me. So the rep shows her our shirt that says, "Fighting for Peace is like Screwing for Virginity." I like that shirt. It's not the most original saying I admit, but it works.

So what's her problem with it? The word screwing. She thinks it's too harsh for a conservative town like the one she lives in. She'd prefer if it says "making love" or "having sex" which makes no sense to me. If you make love for virginity, then it's kind of what the ideal is. Anyway...that bummed me out.

What I'd like is if anyone bothers reading this, check out http://www.blueshiftapparel.com/ and if you like something, order it. Everything has been slashed to $10 so you can't complain about the price. And these are high quality screen printed shirts too, not heat transfers that wash off the first time it goes through a cycle.

More later.

Friday, August 27, 2010

Glenn Beck, the black messiah

Not sure if I'm even allowed to say "black" in this day and age, but oh well.

So I hear Beck is trying to channel MLK Jr. by doing a rally at the same place on the same day or some such. Great. More power to him. I see some obvious problems with his dream, but at the very least it should be entertaining hearing him rant about God knows what to try and gather a bigger following.

Part of me thinks this is a clever ploy to shake up the vote and get some minorities to show up for...whatever Beck believes in this week. But most of me sees it as insulting. Not because of MLK so much, but because Beck believes black people are stupid enough to follow him (blindly, like his entire cult) just because he pulls a stunt like this. And it's not like this is a new move for him. I find myself watching Beck's show in 5 minute increments about twice a week. Mostly because that's all I can tolerate. Anyway, in the last few episodes he seems to be focusing on the civil rights movement and slavery. Being someone who doesn't watch regularly, I'm not sure if he's got an actual point or not. I just know it's scary.

Seriously people, you can't listen to this guy. Not because I'm a raging liberal (I'm not). Not because I went to college and am part of the elite (I did to the first, I'm far from it on the second). It's because Beck is a nutjob. And not the tame, you can ignore them kind of nutjobs we get from time to time like Jesse Jackson. This man is downright dangerous. He spouts off at the mouth like his words have no impact, but knowing that they do. His entire stance the last 2 years or so has been about taking back the country. Not sure what we lost it to, but on MANY occasions he's made it sound like we need to do it violently. That's sedition. Call me a liberal hippy all you want, I have no intention of watching a tiny minority of far-right wackos going militant on my government. I hated Bush. With a passion. For many reasons. (Still not a liberal, which I'll go into one day.) I never once wanted him dead and never thought about storming D.C. to take back my country. Because that's insane. It's not logical, it's not rational, it's not even remotely accurate. I didn't lose my country to Bush and his people. Things temporarily shifted to the other team. In every sport, both sides get the ball. Sometimes the other team scores more points and you're behind. You don't go out and shoot all the players in the kneecaps. You rally, get your sh-t together and play. To behave like a little child serves no purpose.

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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Economic Answer?

My math isn't exactly amazing, but with words like trillion being tossed around, I figure there has to be a better way to get things back on track. But how?

Doing some simple multiplication, I came up with something. A bit wild, but it could work. Instead of 600 billion for bailouts of companies just to save a few thousand jobs, you use that same amount and offer the first 6 million people over the age of 55 (or 60, or whatever, just pick a number) that want it a chance to get $100,000 tax free. All they have to do is retire permanently. That's it.

Now is $100k enough to entice everyone? No. But it is enough to get some guys who are a few years from retirement to go ahead and take the plunge, especially if it's tax-free. And when you have 6 million jobs free up practically overnight? You take the guy who was a little lower on the ladder and bump him up, and so on and so forth until you free up somewhere in the range of 6 million jobs.

Sounds too simple to work right? Then for once let's try the simple thing and see what happens. I mean the debt can't get much worse, the economy can't fall much farther, and people can't just keep going without jobs. Something has to change.

First blog ever

So I've never once blogged. Or maybe I did, but didn't know what it was so I don't count it. Either way, here's what I consider my first posting. I was inspired while poking around the internet looking up shops to sell to in L.A. Maybe I should explain...

I run a t-shirt business (shameless plug: http://www.blueshiftapparel.com/) which specializes in funny shirts. We've had erratic success, nailing one sale that supported us completely for 3 months and having weeks on end where I can't get anyone to pick up the phone.

So anyway one of my specialities here is selling. I go to stores, show the product, try to get some sales. I'm pretty decent at it in person, not so much on the phone (but then, nobody is as far as I can tell). I've had some good luck on Hollywood Blvd, along Venice Beach, etc. I'm also unfortunately tapped out as far as locations. Most things in L.A. are upscale snobby fashion-centric shops. Our shirts are more for blue collar workers, and I like it that way. "But why don't you just sell shirts to big retailers or in Florida, etc where the blue collar types go?" Because getting in touch with buyers at big retailers requires connections I don't currently have or sales reps that I DO currently have but don't do any work as far as I can tell. And I'm in California, I can't just hop a flight to wherever to grab a few sales...maybe.

I digress. I was looking for shops, got the idea for a blog finally and here I am. I figured as I was setting this up that I'd throw in my other passion/hobby/hopefully future career of acting. I think that's wise since I'm just getting going with that. I moved from the south east to Cali about 4 years ago to pursue acting but it kind of fell to the side as the economy went to pot and I needed rent money every month. Now that I've gotten my groove back, I'm diving head first. More on the acting thing later though, because I just decided I'll blog separately about each business as it goes.

Seriously though, visit http://www.blueshiftapparel.com/ and look around. Even if it's not for you, recommend it to some friends. I'm a good guy, I promise, and I'll do my best to keep you entertained as I find my voice on here. At worst you spend a few minutes looking at yet another website. Thanks.