Friday, August 27, 2010

Glenn Beck, the black messiah

Not sure if I'm even allowed to say "black" in this day and age, but oh well.

So I hear Beck is trying to channel MLK Jr. by doing a rally at the same place on the same day or some such. Great. More power to him. I see some obvious problems with his dream, but at the very least it should be entertaining hearing him rant about God knows what to try and gather a bigger following.

Part of me thinks this is a clever ploy to shake up the vote and get some minorities to show up for...whatever Beck believes in this week. But most of me sees it as insulting. Not because of MLK so much, but because Beck believes black people are stupid enough to follow him (blindly, like his entire cult) just because he pulls a stunt like this. And it's not like this is a new move for him. I find myself watching Beck's show in 5 minute increments about twice a week. Mostly because that's all I can tolerate. Anyway, in the last few episodes he seems to be focusing on the civil rights movement and slavery. Being someone who doesn't watch regularly, I'm not sure if he's got an actual point or not. I just know it's scary.

Seriously people, you can't listen to this guy. Not because I'm a raging liberal (I'm not). Not because I went to college and am part of the elite (I did to the first, I'm far from it on the second). It's because Beck is a nutjob. And not the tame, you can ignore them kind of nutjobs we get from time to time like Jesse Jackson. This man is downright dangerous. He spouts off at the mouth like his words have no impact, but knowing that they do. His entire stance the last 2 years or so has been about taking back the country. Not sure what we lost it to, but on MANY occasions he's made it sound like we need to do it violently. That's sedition. Call me a liberal hippy all you want, I have no intention of watching a tiny minority of far-right wackos going militant on my government. I hated Bush. With a passion. For many reasons. (Still not a liberal, which I'll go into one day.) I never once wanted him dead and never thought about storming D.C. to take back my country. Because that's insane. It's not logical, it's not rational, it's not even remotely accurate. I didn't lose my country to Bush and his people. Things temporarily shifted to the other team. In every sport, both sides get the ball. Sometimes the other team scores more points and you're behind. You don't go out and shoot all the players in the kneecaps. You rally, get your sh-t together and play. To behave like a little child serves no purpose.

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  1. I don't trust any of them. They keep repeating mistakes over and over like they never learn.